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Empower Your Members: How To Cultivate Active Ministry & Evangelism Involvement -Ryana Jones, Evangelism StrategistDecember 15th, 2023

-Ryana Jones, Evangelism Strategist

December 15th, 2023


As a minister, I'm sure that you've realized that an engaged congregation is the cornerstone of any thriving ministry. To create an active and engaged congregation, you will need to motivate church members to participate in ministry and personal evangelism, support outreach efforts, and to lead by example.


Here are some effective strategies you can use to motivate your members:


1.  Clearly communicate the vision and purpose of ministry involvement.

Clearly communicate the vision, goals and purpose. Actively motivate your members to contribute to the greater mission of the church. They are looking to you to lead them. Inspire them, and to lead by example.


2.  Set realistic goals.

Create a roadmap for success by developing achievable, manageable plans.


3.  Identify and nurture spiritual gifts.

Conduct workshops, assessments, or individual conversations to identify areas where members can best contribute.


4. Create volunteer opportunities.

Develop opportunities for community outreach and volunteer opportunities that church members can become involved in.


5. Provide training, mentorship, and support.

Training builds confidence and enhances the overall effectiveness of church members. Equip members with the skills and knowledge needed for specific roles. Establish mentorship programs where seasoned leaders guide and empower those who are new to ministry involvement.


6.  Celebrate successes.

Remember to highlight the achievements of individuals and groups involved in ministry and evangelism. Publicly acknowledge their efforts during services, on social media, or through church newsletters. Celebration not only boosts morale but also inspires others to get involved.


7.  Encourage personal evangelism.

Emphasize the importance of personal evangelism. Equip your church members with tools for sharing their faith in daily life. Encourage them to view evangelism not as a task but as a natural outpouring of their faith.


By implementing these strategies, you can inspire active participation, leadership, and fervent support that can propel your church forward in its mission. As each member contributes their unique gifts and energy, the entire congregation will become a powerful force for positive change and spiritual growth in the ministry.


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Ryana Jones is an evangelist and author. She works with churches as an evangelism strategist, assisting them with tailored solutions for church growth, evangelism, and outreach.

She can be reached on FB: or LinkedIn at Ryana Jones Designs

for strategic solutions to help your ministry grow.

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