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Single Owner-Small Office/Home Office 

Best for single-owner, small-scale businesses w/ no employees;

SOLO/SOHO listing includes: ​

-Business contact info listing

-Link to your website

-Links to your business social media 

-Access to customer reviews


  • Copper Portfolio

    +US$179 Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
    Válido por 12 meses
  • Popular Plan

    Silver Portfolio

    +US$179 Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
    Válido por 12 meses
  • Gold Portfolio

    Web Design
    Válido por 3 meses
  • Platinum for Enterprises

    +US$179 Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
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Small to Medium Business 

This plan is great for up and coming entrepreneurs and small businesses (must have fewer than 500 employees to qualify).

Includes: ​

-Business contact info listing

-Link to your website

-Links to your business social media 

-Access to customer reviews

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Designed for large scale businesses with 500+ employees, the Enterprise plan includes:

-Business contact info listing

-Link to your website

-Links to your business social media 

-Interactive assistance with customer reviews

-Listing updates of the company's promotional events for your customers

-App listing included

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WE: Creators-

The We Creators plan is perfect for artists and freelancers of all genres; designers, speakers, authors, entertainers... if you are a creator, this plan is for you! This affordable plan comes with:


-Events listings

-Links to your social media accounts

-Link to your website

Are you a non-for- profit or charity organization? YOUR LISTING IS FREE!

Need More? We've Got You!

*May only be purchased in combination with a business plan


The Non for Profit -Charities plan is dedicated to non-profit and charitable organizations to provide an avenue for community members to access their services and assistance programs. This plan is free of charge and includes listings both online and on the Blackbooked app.

Simply contact a client service rep to provide your listing info today!


*Please note: Privately run schools and educational institutions, and all religious organizations (churches, temples, mosques, etc) are exempt from the NFP-Charities plan. However, any community assistance services offered through your religious organization or privately run educational institution may qualify for listing. Contact for more details or to apply. If you would like to list your religious or educational organization, please refer to the business plan which best fits your organization's need.

Our cellphones are our lifelines. Your customers will want to locate you in a moment’s time, and they can do so with the Blackbooked app!  


They’ll simply whip out their phone, locate the county, find what they’re looking for, and there is your listing! Your customers no longer have to search through scores of competitive businesses on over-saturated search engines, and you.. well you win the sale.

Terms and conditions

Expand Your Ministry or Business

For just  $159 a month, we'll provide you with everything you need to establish a powerful digital presence and expand your ministry.


This includes;

  • Responsive website design or re-design

  • Google ranking

  • Regular updates  (announcements, events, pastoral messages

  • A church door page for virtual evangelism and growth

  • Livestreaming or video content

  • Social media content.


Imagine the possibilities for your ministry with a dynamic online presence! You can connect with more people, share your message more widely, and grow your community in ways you never thought possible. And with our proven track record of success, you can trust us to deliver results.

So don't wait - take advantage of this incredible offer before time runs out. Fill out the form below and let's get started on transforming your ministry for 2024 and beyond. This offer expires on December 4th, 2023.

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