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Welcome to

Blackbooked's commitment to providing you with exceptional media services and ministry solutions.


Our advertising and marketing services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering outstanding results.


Whether you want to elevate your business or expand your ministry, we've got you covered!


Connect with us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals with customized

Elevate & Expand your Outreach with Blackbooked's Innovative Solutions

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At Blackbooked, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations. We offer advertising and marketing services to help your business thrive. We specialize in various services, including promotional ads, branding, logo design, print and merchandise, and trademark services.

Blackbooked Ministry Solutions is committed to helping your church grow, evangelize, and thrive by equipping you with tailored solutions, impactful strategies, and invaluable services that align with your ministry's unique vision.

Our team of professionals has the expertise and experience necessary to help you create an effective strategy for your media needs. From media streaming consultations to social media management, we are here to help you make an impact in your community.


Let's Help You Get To The Next Level With Our
Innovative Solutions

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From Planning  to Execution,

We've Got You Covered

Church and Business

Analysis | Branding | Social Media | MerchandTech | Interactive Websites| Media Communications | Trademark &LLCProcessing | Employee&VolunteerCoaching | Webinar Support

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or schedule a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

  • Copper Portfolio

    1 720$US
    +179 $US Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
    Valable 12 mois
    • Custom-designed website up to 7 pages.
    • Church Door with Static QR code to link
    • Optimized for mobile
    • Interactive Design (Images, Videos, Links to external)
    • Basic SEO setup
    • One week of *free free post-launch support
  • Recommended for Mid-Size

    Silver Portfolio

    2 949$US
    +179 $US Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
    Valable 12 mois
    • Custom-designed website with up to 10 pages and 5 subpages.
    • Church Door w/ static QR code to links
    • Optimized for mobile
    • Responsive Design (images, videos, links)
    • Events photo gallery
    • Virtual Intercessor Support - Contact Integration
    • One month *free post-launch support
  • Gold Portfolio

    4 997$US
    Web Design
    Valable 3 mois
    • All benefits of bronze and silver portolios.
    • Customised design for unlimited pages
    • Responsive Design.
    • Event integration.
    • Google Analytics integration.
    • E-commerce (up to 30 products).
    • Blog integration.
    • Six month's Evangelism Team support
    • Three month's *free post-launch support.
    • Virtual Intercessor included at no additional cost
  • Platinum for Enterprises

    6 599$US
    +179 $US Web Proposal Fee
    Web Design
    • Please contact us for your tailored solution.

Prices displayed are for web design only and do not include other services such as social media management, annual website maintenance, annual website management or media services such as photography, videography, media edits, etc., if elected. $179 web proposal fee is non-refundable, and does not guarantee provision of web or other services. by Blackbooked Marketing, Media, and Ministry Solutions or its affiliates.





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Every ministry and business is different. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs and vision for a customized solution.


Pricing starts at $6599 for Enterprise plans.



Our primary goal is to assist ministries and businesses by offering top-tier solutions, strategies, and services that drive growth and success.

As a Christian agency, we abide by our vision statement:

to Advance, Build, and Contribute to the Kingdom of God:

the ABCs of Blackbooked.

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